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Michael Kings book on personal spiritual alchemy. A simple guide to activating and supporting an ascended consciousness, actualising human potential and lots of other stuff someone really should have told you.

Cosmosis Crystal Alchemy involves three transformational stages namely

  • 1. Know thyself: the preparatory stage when the Alchemist must confront unknown, chaotic material within themselves, to encounter the unilluminated aspects within and enlighten them.
  • 2. The transcension of duality within oneself: By imposing transcendent norms upon seemingly opposing polarities, one learns to master the nature of reality as simply an infinite scale of vibrational expression from infinity to unity.
  • 3. The systematic investigation into one's own universal and cosmic origins, and the subsequent revelation of Source.

This book outlines the way Michael produced his own activation and attainment, it is a roadmap for you to follow to produce the same transformation for yourself!

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