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 After a somewhat intense investigation into life, the universe and everything, over several decades in this life and of course many lifetimes, we have drawn our own conclusions as to how we might best travel the path of conscious evolution in the 21st century. We teach from our own experience and knowing in the fields of alchemy, philosophy, metaphysics and ethics. Below is a brief summary of our understanding as present sensed. Living out of this understanding allows you to live in harmony and balance with the way the universe orders itself, and by doing so you live in harmony with the forces of evolution itself. We call this way of living 'Source Attunement'. We make no claims so far as this being the only way, it is simply a way that works, if you but choose.



 The Mechanics Of Cosmosis® Personal Spiritual Alchemy


If you look forward to some spiritual goal such as ascension or heaven as some kind of static goal which you are working towards, while you loathe or avoid your present life and the world, then you miss the whole point of the personal/spiritual growth process. Equally if you make your life all about the short term gratification of the lower five senses then you are wasting your life. The reality is that you cant take anything you achieve on the physical, emotional or mental level forward on your journey through eternity so living for the human existence alone is a wasted life. Anyone who is using more than one hemisphere of their brain does not buy into this nonsense about only having one life...... energy is neither created or destroyed, it just changes form.... you know that one? We know that all energy is evolving all the time and that alone tells us that a static goal like heaven is impossible. So, by it's very nature any holistic philosophy necessitates that you understand at least reincarnation or even better parallel existence and the grand one-ness which underlies all of creation. If you are still enslaved by believing in a vengeful god, hell, heaven and the like then you are in the wrong place.
The ideal of a healthy attitude to life is to live in love and wisdom right here and now, in a balanced sustainable way beyond any time point in the future. A balanced life which produces authentic personal/spiritual growth as a soul journeying through eternity is all about fully living and loving Earth life in healthy sustainability. There will inevitably of course be periods in ones life when we will abstain from certain aspects of life as part of developing self mastery however there is no long term progress is denying and avoiding Earth life.
Most people make one of the following two major mistakes in their attitude to life:
1.    Life is long suffered as you work towards ingratiating oneself with the creator. Be prepared for some kind of finite judgment and suffer to be holy. This kind of deferred life plan is very common in people who have had a religious upbringing. They postpone real life and work like crazy now for a reward later. They even postpone love which is sad because love is the whole point of human existence.
2.    Now is all we’ve got. Do whatever you want to do because tomorrow we may die. These people are the hedonists of the world and for them it is all about pleasure. They fail to see the true pleasure which comes from deep long term relationships and commitment on all levels. They have a hole inside them they try to fill with instant gratification.
Both of the above attitudes will cause you to fail to experience life fully. At the end of every life, only one thing is measured as the basis for determining your next destination in your journey within eternity and that is 'how much of our life was turned into love'.
A wise life is a disciplined one of self mastery which involves you fully living and loving your life in a way that you can sustain all the way into your old age, but at the same time, you’d have no regrets on any level if tonight you find out that this was your last day and you suddenly knew that your eternal wellbeing depended on the choices you have made in your life. This is the razor edged path that the great teachers have all spoken about.
Simply put, this path is about learning how to take all of life in, on every level and how to turn all that energy into love which is then radiated out into the world as wisdom and compassion.
Live now! …….. Hmmmmm, easier said than done you say. Well of course it is, that is where we come in at The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre. We teach you how to live this way.
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